Mayhem and Motherhood: September 2005

Thursday, September 29, 2005

wow 12 comments...

I have to say 12 comments is overwhelming. Just to have one post, and I guess one blog friendly person with connections and advertising,and voila. 12 comments. Thank you all for welcoming me back to blogger land. Who else of you have blog sites I can keep up with? more comments please!!

O.k. so i am currently having a problem with my keyboard. It's like needing me to slow down with my typing and i have to hit it realllllllly hard for it to work. Than i have to back space lots to fix all the mistakes. It feels like i'm stuttering with my fingers. That in itself is a funny thought.

So what i was going to blog about today was this incident that happened the other night as emma was procrastanating going to bed. Do your kids do this? They don' t eat much all day, and then at bedtime AFTER snack they are HUNGRY. What a surprise. So ofcourse she can stay up and eat something because the total intake for her day is like an 1/8 of an apple, 3 french fries and some linty crackers she found under the fridge. So I melt and say o.k. Anyway, that itself is not the story, i digress. ( is that how you spell that?)

So she's eating her orange. And we are playing settlers with our friends at the table beside her. She starts to cough and then her face gets red and she starts choking. Jon gets up to tell her to cough and then as the seconds seem to tick away and things aren't changing, i get up and walk over to her calm as can be, stick my finger into her mouth and do this scoop technique and scoop out all the orangy goop that she's choking on. So then she's crying and scared and I hurt her throat and she's fine. Then, only after the incident I'm blown away that I knew what to do, that it even worked, especially since I learned this scoop technique in a cpr class when I was 15 taking lifeguarding stuff. I have NEVER used this before to ensure that it worked, I don't evenknow what I would have done if it hadn't. Their wasn't a plan B besides turning her upside down and whacking her on the back. It blows me away how scary things are in retrospect when they didn't seem so at the time. I guess we just don't automatically think of how things can go wrong in this situation while it's happening, just that we are going to correct it.

Anyway, I wanted to call my mom and thank her for paying for this class I took so many years ago that kinda saved her grandaughter from choking to death. But of course i didn't (yet) because i'm sure i;'ll be in for it for not juicing her oranges, or cutting them up, or maybe my mom thinks i shouldn' t be giving her oranges anyway. I'm sure I need to give my mom more credit but right now I can't beat myself up or allow anyone else permission to. I just need to thank the lord that it all turned out o.k.

So this morning, Emma woke up and said to me first "MORNING" then grabbed my face with her two little hands and planted one on my lips. It's possibly the sweetest thing she's ever done. Then I smiled even more because I guess she's just mimicking me when i wake her up in the morning. Kids are really great things.

Another tid bit until i blog again.... I saw my midwife last week. I am 14 weeks measuring 20 weeks. Yikes. I keep thinking "oh my gosh how big can i really get" So i'll let you know. A friend of mine whose had twins,said she was measuring 42 weeks at 30weeks. Is this god's idea of a joke? ?But i guess for the bonus of one it's gotta fit in somewhere. right? And the goal is to make it to 37 weeks where i'll be measuring 58 weeks?? And how do they know it's 58 weeks don't they stop counting after 45?46? Anyway, enquiring minds want to know.
Rhonda at 11:09 AM

Monday, September 26, 2005


Hello Yvonne, just wanted to give you something to read when you optimistically come to see the site anticipating i've yet to blog. I really had something interesting to say yesterday. I saw something that gave me some thoughts, however, today those thoughts are no longer.

I am however starting to waddle. I thought it was only I who noticed but Jon "can't lie" Loeppky confirmed that he has noticed this as well.

What a beautiful day today. I actually was lying down in the grass with crunchy leaves all around me and a big beautiful blue sky looking down on me. I love fall when it is like this. And I decided today I really love where my house is located. A 2 minute walk from the elementary school/playground. I'm sure next spring the proximity will be a lifesaver.

I saw this chubby little 6 month old baby the other day that made me smile and look forward to that age again. That is a nice feeling, as opposed to seeing them and being glad i'm not their.

I bought scrapbooking supplies today, just stickers and letters. Why you ask? I am making a lift the flap book for my nephew for christmas on his winnipeg family. I found some cute stickers about winter and grandma and grandpas house that sealed the deal that stickers would be the accent des gras.

Superficial and fluffy but that's all i have coming off my working weekend. tata
Rhonda at 8:58 PM

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Guess who's back?

Wow. Two years later.
Rhonda at 11:40 AM