Mayhem and Motherhood: February 2006

Monday, February 27, 2006

Uterine update

Hello blog friends. Not too talkative lately but wanted to let you know there is nothing to know.

We are off to Winnipeg tomorrow for another assessment and doctor appointment and then Emma and I will stay for a few days with my folks for a change of scenery. We are "term" and ready to meet these babies with the chubby cheeks.

I must say, I'm not looking forward to the labor part, even though I know what to expect. What I want to know Marsha is did it get easier to face with each subsequent pregnancy or is it always something you wish you didn't have to go through? (Marsha's had 5 kids, I see her as pretty much an expert on the subject!)

Anyway, I'll probably ask Yvonne to post if anything happens as it wont' be on my survival list. I feel like this is goodbye, ? until we meet again on the other side!! Why does it sound this corny?

Pray for strength and courage for me. I am in desperate need of these things.
Rhonda at 11:27 PM

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Anyone else love 'LOST'

Hello friends. Not sure what the date is today, BUT it is the 9th day of the olympics (says my t.v.) what a trusty companion that has become in my evenings.

I really dont' watch t.v. during the day besides a video with Emma but come 7 p.m. I'm a bit of a channel flipper.

Today I had a weird experience. I went to church after I had taken a shower (not the weird part yet) and after about an hour into my being there I was done. It's so wild to just want to lie down all the time. I actually felt my feet burning from not being elevated so I left the service to go lie down. I hate to say it but apparently getting out of the house is becoming too much of an ordeal. Thankfully I'm so close to the end. It's not like I'm only 6 months along-so I really can't complain.

I was asked today if I was going to get induced on Tuesday, next time I see my doctor and the wee babes. I was surprised by that because at this moment I really feel like I'm waiting for them to decide when to come. That it's not really up to me. But if I were to look back at how I handle life I'd say I'm definately more of a "I'll take what life gives me" kinda girl than a "I know what I want and I'm fighting to make it happen" even with my control freaky tendencies. Strange but true.

So we wait. At this point, every ache makes me wonder "is this it?" and today in church I didn't tell anyone where I was going and I was surprised to learn Jon was on a mad hunt for me because he hadn't seen me for 15 minutes. Sweet heh? But I guess I am a ticking time bomb.

So any bets? I'm hoping to be done in the next 2 weeks. At the latest. I can't fathom going any longer. Sorry Dee.

Onto my original thought, we've been watching season one of Lost to fill us in as we are presently hooked this season. It's great watching t.v. without commercials!! And I'm really enjoying watching an episode or two a night. What a great show. I really thought it was a stupid concept for a show when it first came out and now I love it. I'm looking forward to seeing the episode about Claire and her having her baby.

Anyway, all is well here.

And a big congratulations to my sister in law who had her baby on Friday. A big boy of 8 lbs 1 oz named Ryder Ty. After she had him she just said to me "All I kept thinking is that you're going to have to do this twice" and today she said "You really should concentrate on getting all the rest you can!" too cute. My in-laws are going from 4 grandkids to 7 within a matter of a few weeks. Isn't that fun?

Well until I post again...
Rhonda at 11:30 PM

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Interesting night

So Jon took Emma to his mom's for the night because he has a meeting in Steinbach tomorrow and he's the best husband ever. Um, well tonight he is. A night off for a pregnant mom. Heavenly.

However, I just finished watching 2 hours of t.v. and they were seriously the longest 2 hours of my last month. It was weird to be watching t.v. by myself with no one to talk to during commercials, and it was kinda slow paced with only the t.v. to focus on and not putting a 2 year old back to bed a million times during the commercial breaks.

Not that i'm complaining, it was just really interesting how SLOWLY time went by when I just focused on me and the t.v. I EVEN had to get my own snacks and still made it back before the commercial was over.

Now onto other things, i've been watching the American Idol stuff because the beginning part is the absolute best. (I stop watching after it gets down to the final 10) And I laughed soooo hard over these 2 black twins who were such drama queens. They are 28 year old guys who can sing but man i would have kicked them off along time ago. Tonight, one of them refused to accept his moving on in the competition because he thought his twin had got cut and then after making an ass of himself in front of the judges realized his brother had NOT gotten cut and instead had to go and apologize. some people, I just don't get why they can't keep their mouths shut. Especially when you're on national t.v. and NO ONE is talking as much as you are. And you have THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME??? It was however good for a laugh.
Rhonda at 11:45 PM

Monday, February 13, 2006

nothing to say

I actually truly have nothing to say. I'm just afraid YOU think if I don't post than i'm in labor... so this senseless entry is all for you.

I haven't been thinking any deep thoughts recently. However hard I've tried.

I've truly just been focused on the whole labor aspect and psyching myself up for it and taking care of my body to get the rest and food I need. It's a pretty simple existence.

But it requires me to delegate lots of things like errands and groceries and ask for help to get stuff done kinda the way I would do it myself. It made me think that this is what it must be like to be royalty or someone used to having servants. (I need to think of it more positively don't I) Because I truly sit around and ask people to do things like walk 5 feet to pick something off the floor, or run upstairs to get me a drink, or even carry my most comfortable chair and ottoman from floor to floor based on where I am. I'm just not used to asking people to do such basic things. And I don't think this fits into the "hard to ask for" category, it's the more "I feel like I'm bossing you around" category.

It actually reminds me of a situation I was in when i was doing homecare in the city. One of the worst patients I've ever encountered was this certain lady who was a quadrapalegic. She was extremely demanding, gave orders about HOW to shut the door on her dresser, exactly what order to do things in, all the while treating you like you were an idiot for not knowing. Did I mention she was terribly unhappy and her misery was like a poison in the air? Anyway, when I think of asking people to do things for me, especially when i want them done a certain way, I am reminded of her and how she made me feel. I don't like bossy people, or mean people, or people who think their way is the only way.

So i will remember to say please and thank you and appreciate every act done on my behalf, hopefully while being fun.

So that's a lot of nothing heh?
Rhonda at 8:19 PM

Friday, February 10, 2006

I hate waiting

Don't you? Is there any one good at waiting? Even though I've said I could look at my christmas present everyday on the kitchen table for a year and not be tempted to open it (because I Soooo love surprises) that isn't patience. That's anticipation?

And the reality is in my situation I can not do much physically else at the moment besides stare at the present waiting till the time is right for it to open up itself. In my other scenario, I envision looking at the present fondly as I'm running out the door late for work, or meeting someone for lunch or whatever. I'm not just staring at it waiting.

I think the part that makes me the crankiest is that everyday there are more things added to my list that I physically can no longer do. I've long ago added bending to pick up anything off the floor (thus the constant chaos), stairs (which is why my kid watches more t.v. than I like), sitting in most chairs in the house, most recently driving, getting out to buy milk (just takes way more energy than it's worth).

I guess I'm complaining. I'm just kinda ready and then not really ready all at the same time. I miss having a lap and wearing jeans and my belly not resting on my legs when I sit. However in just a few weeks I"m sure i'll miss having a belly and feeling all the crazy karate kicks from my little babies.

It's a weird place wanting two totally opposite things at the same time.

I've also wondered if this is what it must be like to get old. When you look back at the things you used to do with ease, like an errand or the stairs, and wonder when did it cross from being a part of life to something you schedule way in advance. I'm afraid I won't age too gracefully because I'll be complaining the whole way!

So my countdown is on to about 2 1/2 weeks (or so) and I have to say it's a little freaky to try to anticipate how this is all going to play out. I really wouldn't mind skipping through to the part where I'm looking face to face with the babies and everything is beginning to feel like a distant memory. I guess if Erica is tempted to use her delete button, I'd definately be tempted to use my fast forward one.

In the meantime I'll try to think of some deep philisophical things to say while I still have time to ponder such things.
Rhonda at 1:37 AM

Friday, February 03, 2006

Is this a warning sign?

So my little Emma has been exhibiting some disturbing behavior. And i wonder at what point as a parent looking back at "the signs" did you know you should have seen it coming.

She is not quite 3. I must start with this.

The other day we were visiting her little friend "IRA" aka Aria, for a playdate and had a wonderful time. After emma's nap time I noticed her fly was undone and as I asked her about it she immediately stuck her hand down her pants and pulled out a little viewmaster slide from one of Aria's toys she evidently had stolen from her friend's home earlier that day.

Is this the kind of thing that you look back on and think this was a warning sign that my daughter would be a kleptomaniac?

I thought I would try to not over react until yesterday. When Emma was playing with money she'd found on Jon's bedside table and told me she couldn't find it. I told her to look in her play wallet (the logical place) and instead, again she shoved her hand down the front of her pants and voila a fiver and then a tenner. I couldn't help but think I could envision my future appearance on Jerry Springer with the show titled "I knew my child was destined to be a stripper when..."

But seriously, I laughed the hardest when as she walked away a folded 10 dollar bill slid out of the bottom of her pant leg, apparently she missed it and didn't notice!!

what a kid. if you ever need a laugh my kid is full of them.
Rhonda at 5:51 PM