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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tis the season

So I just finished wrapping my christmas presents. Some i've been collecting since August already (which makes me feel ahead of the game) and yet no matter how early I start there are ALWAYS people I don't know what to get and wait till the December rush.

I usually enjoy giving gifts, but as of late I am sick of stuff in general. My stuff, your stuff, needing more stuff, giving useless stuff. Even giving great stuff, it's still just stuff and I have so much stuff. Why do I need more? And I know this is hard to explain to people who always know how to buy a thoughtful gift. They are the worst because you know that they usually enjoy gifts too and being so stinking thoughtful they deserve your thoughtfulness back, but I wish we could equate prayers or kind thoughts, or even sticking up for someone behind their back as a gift they would receive in the same arena as a "wrapped gift".

For me I've come to a point that I no longer WANT to give obligatory gifts. (even though I have a few under my tree) If I can't think of something you NEED or won't fill your arteries with more plaque and fat than no gift for you. But that being said, why does that need to mean I don't value you or love you or even appreciate alllll that you've contributed to my life. I wonder how other cultures work it out. Maybe I just need to become crafty(fat chance) and make stuff. Besides baking, or a nice note I suck in the craft department.

Again I feel like there is a truth out there but I just can't get my hands on it. I know the way I've been doing it isn't right but what is right?

No easy answers. I'll let you know when I figure out the questions of the universe.
Rhonda at 4:03 PM


Blogger Deanna Momtchilov said...

Oh my can I ever relate to you!!! I love blessing people, but choosing and giving gifts is not my thing. I know some people who are great at it and it makes me totally jealous because I then feel like I'm not as good a friend or something when I'm not on the ball with a great gift!

Anyways, pressure's off, Rhonda, you don't have to buy me anything! ;)

10:29 AM  
Blogger Christa said...

Man oh man! I totally hear you, because that has been so much of my dilemma this Christmas too! For my kids I keep thinking they do not need more toys, they already don't play with all their toys.
For myself I keep thinking that if there are things that I need I can go buy them myself. Because what do I NEED. I have so much stuff.
And then other people tell me what they NEED and I think "you don't need that, look at what you all have!".
But I want to be generous, I want to give. So my perspective is I don't need anything and I don't want any gifts, but does that mean I shouldn't give others gifts?
Argh. Like you said, there are no easy answers. I just really don't want to be caught up in the materialism of Christmas. I DO want to bless those around me though.
Hey I'll let you know when I figure out some answers too!

3:39 PM  
Blogger Lynne said...

I love to give gifts but I also love to get gifts too. I especially feel that I love to get gifts when there is not gift for me or I'm overlooked. It does feel like you aren't loved. But more like I'm not thought of. My problem this year is not knowing what people should buy me. I don't know. I either think of storage problems or that I need a way of getting out everyday for my boys sake. Who knows. I hope you find a happy medium to your gift dilemma.

3:35 PM  

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